March 24, 2014

Thank You, YDC!

Thank you, Yokozuna Deliberation Committee, for nominating ozeki Kakuryu as sumo's next yokozuna. He's good, he works hard, and it'll be fun to have three grand champions at once.

Thank you YDC for giving up on your great Japanese hope, Kisenosato. Lowering your standards in the hopes that Kisenosato will prevail only makes you look (more) xenophobic. It isn't a gift to him, either. Who wants to be the grand champion who got in on a technicality?

Thank you Kisenosato for repeatedly choking when the YDC sets low standards. Maybe they'll leave you alone now and you can shine as a really good ozeki without all of the additional pressure of promotion.

Thank you, Endo, for being the next great Japanese hope. Your hair isn't even long enough for a mage yet, but you're a comer and probably have the chance.

I love you, sumo!

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