July 10, 2014


More on Valhalla later, but let's say that this new family vacation spot is amazing. A gigantic house, Norwegian-themed, with a view of a mountain range and the lake from all directions, and all of us are in good spirits.

Then came the email.

Our younger boy, the pony, has gotten into the cabinets and eaten some of the treats that I brought back from Madrid, including a chocolate brownie. CATS! It just hasn't been the best week.

  This is Nose. He's 18 1/2 and has kidney, bowel and thyroid issues. When one of those things gets off balance the whole works gets gummed up. He was so sick, and we thought it was curtains. After a day or two at the vet he looked like a 12-year-old:

As soon as we got him home, the young boy got sick. He had a temperature, was emitting fluid from both ends. He was also frightened to death of the fireworks on the 3rd and 4th. So on Sunday I took him in. A million jillion dollars later, he was miraculously fine a day or so later.

We came up here to Valhalla yesterday and, as I said, it is remarkably pleasant and relaxing. 

Then came the email. 

We reinstated his health so that he could climb into cabinets and eat things that could kill him? Argh. Mrguy is now driving 3.5 hours back home to further cat-proof the cabinets and sleep over so that he can make sure that the pony boy is safe.

We'll see mrguy tomorrow.

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