June 15, 2014

Happy Anti-Family Day!

Today we will have our first rehearsal with the halau leading up to the big festival in August. Those guys are a crack up. We *did* tell the kumu hula that we weren't comfortable being a bunch of mostly haoles and playing Little Brown Gal. Come on, brown isn't even in the "rainbow". We were told that they understand, but isn't the *most beautiful* color in Hawaii the color of its people? Again, as a haole, I don't think I'm supposed to sing about other people's skin color. Hula Blues has been substituted in our set.

Recently the kumu asked our band to pick five days for rehearsal. None of us noticed that the first date we picked happened to be Father's Day. An honest mistake. It wasn't a purposeful act, but some of the dancers flew off the handle and melted down in glorious style in a series of emails. They don't have fathers, but have brothers and brother-in-laws and uncles, you see...

So now we hate brown people *and* are anti-family. At band rehearsal this week we were arguing over who was more anti-family. I said it was mrguy and I because we don't have children. Then there was a certain amount of jealousy over that and others chimed in that they could be *just* as anti-family while actually having children. 

I don't think that's a defensible position ;)

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