October 20, 2014

European Vacation 2014, Part 1

We're leaving the house in two hours for our first long vacation in four years. Making those frequent flier miles work for us and looking forward to making my passport look a little less new.

I'm ready to go. For the occasion, I've purchased a new suitcase. The old one belonged to the Big Guy, a sentimental favorite which I've patched and refused to relinquish through 16 trips, 10 countries, 8 years. I have also purchased a new bag / backpack and new shoes, things that I rarely do.

There are some last minute worries: there's a strike on our airline tomorrow. The name on my tickets and the name on my passport don't match. But other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, things are good. I'm traveling *for pleasure*, with mrguy.

More later.

Flight cancelled. Not just ours, but 200k other passengers, as well. Wonder when we'll get to Europe. Today's Monday. My guess is Friday. We'll know more when we get to our next airport. It's gonna be a long day.

More later.

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