October 2, 2014

Full-Service Geek

Last week I gave a presentation to the students in a job search class. This is a class that I took myself, once, and I love to keep touch with the students, teachers and the school. When I think of things for which I'm grateful, this school is high on the list, since it helped me change the direction of my life.

I give this presentation every few years, and as part of it I talk about how in my spare time I love to do genealogical research, that genealogy helped define my path, and how I'm a full-service geek. For the last few years, especially, I've been researching my people passionately.

It was with great excitement, then, that I saw a flyer at the LDS library advertising an upcoming genealogical conference. It's one that ms scandiwaiian and I went to a billion years ago. So happy to know that they still hold the conference, because I've been digging deeper into German and Irish records and need some inspiration.

A little over a week until this geek-fest.

A little over two weeks until mrguy and I head off for vacation.

I sign off with a little more gratitude -- a photo from a recent hike near our house with old friends:

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