May 5, 2015

Child in Straw Hat

We're mixing it up this week, with me taking care of the mammoo alongside a caregiver. The caregiver is amazing. She's helped her do her exercises, given her a sponge bath, done the laundry, and I think she's doing the dishes right now. Did I mention that she cleaned the bathroom?

This lets me do things like make meals and check my work email on occasion. And bathe. So weird to use my ancestral bathtub, the one from when I was a baby. It's a bizarre color of orange, and the mammoo hasn't used it in years because she takes showers.

In today's tub adventure, there was a silverfish that had to be encouraged to leave. Then I turned on the tap and a lot of rusty water came out. Eew. Eventually I got my bath in. But I still had to look at this glum gal, "Child in Straw Hat" by Mary Cassat. There's another sad child print over the bathtub. 

No wonder this bathroom is mildly depressing!

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