January 20, 2016

Hawaii 2016 Day 2

My only goal for today was to go to the state capital for the opening of the legislative session. I read about it in "Pupus to da Max" or something years ago. Kept trying to research what exactly happens on January 20th. The only thing I could find was Daniel Anthony's kickstarter to help buy 1000 lbs of kalo to pound in the atrium of the capital building. Kickoff at 9am.

Fate was slowing us down. Our room safe was busted so I had to lug my laptop with me. There was serious traffic on Ala Wai. There was no parking. Mrguy was seriously bumming out. But we parked at Mark's Garage (an experience), got to the capital (dodging the gun rights supporters who wanted me to know that they also supported women's rights) and feasted our eyes on the scene.

Friends of Bernie were out in number:

We caught the opening remarks of this session. The chambers are incredibly beautiful:

All of the legislators have open house today. E komo mai!

Keiki and grownups down to pound:

Dozens of teenagers were lined up to clean kalo:

It was a great time. We even saw and spoke to some friends from our poi-stravaganza of 2012.

All in all a great half day.

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