January 21, 2016

Sweet Home Waimanalo

RIP, my friend. My two times with you were magical (and mosquito-filled).

This trip has been filled with neuscheiss. Usually we do altscheiss (old shit).

Yes, it is tragic to say goodbye to your Neatloaf or Sloppy Gluten or whatever it is I used to eat there, but we will be trying out Ai Love Nalo today.


Thursday was filled with downright goodness. The skies were blue and the weather was warm but not hot. We headed for Waimanalo, with a stop at the Kahala Mall for coffee and to take a picture of the Jack Lord sculpture. 

 Ended up buying some new flippies, as well as 4 bras, at Macy's. I never have time to do this at home. All of the clerks in the foundations department share my first name, and one is now taking her vacation to help her mom clean out the house. They just moved her dad to assisted living. We had a lot to talk about.

The mall also used to have a bowling alley, which has amazing architecture, so we stopped to photograph that.

Then we visited the 'Aina Haina library for their booksale and to see the Tadashi Sato painting. It's been on our list because of the painting and we pass by the library each time we visit because you can see the building from the highway.

We looked and looked for the painting and found it tucked in the back, over a work table, and hung on some of the most stupendous cement brick that looks as good from the back as it does from the front.

I picked the wrong day for the book sale, but we got lots of good stuff any: books, and a Rap Replinger VHS. I don't know why I can't get enough of the Auntie Marialani sketch.

Makapuu Lookout always reminds me of Five-O. I think of Jack Lord skittling down the rocks in his hard-soled leather shoes wondering how he didn't slide off the rocks and die. 

Finally made it to Ai Love Nalo, which is in the Sweet Home Waimanalo building. Their food is so delicious that we took a Medi Bowl to go. Went a little further up the road to see the Akebono statue, the Ko'olaus and to have a cone at Dave's Ice Cream. You can see paradise from the parking lot.

Makapuu tide pools were so restful. We watched teensy hermit crabs and little fish, while a deeply suntanned guy was poke pole fishing on the rocks in the distance. I found a rock with limu on it and ate some. Did not die. And found this cool-looking thing -- seaweed with little teensy mollusks on it.

Above us people were parasailing, and then landing about 200 feet away. It was an amazing thing to see.

Back home we noshed on our goodies and drank beer on the lanai until way after the sun went down. Whales were spouting not far off shore, and then giving a tail flip to the breeze.

Can't believe we've only been here three days. 

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