March 27, 2016

Deviled Eggs

I'm visiting the mama later today and she DOES believe in Easter. Therefore when I was packing her house this summer I made certain to bring along some baskets that I could use to make her future Easters festive. Yes, people, I am helping her celebrate Easter, despite what I just said earlier.

She loves malted milk balls and jelly beans, so I have those in large supply. I may dye an egg (this will be extra credit), and I also made deviled eggs. Is it wrong to have something called Deviled Eggs on the holiest day of the Christian calendar? Whatever. It's a pagan holiday and we all know it.

Although I am unconverted in some ways, over the years I have been converted from my former dislike of deviled eggs to an actual like of deviled eggs. Further than that, I was even converted to a like of a very specific type of deviled egg sandwich, thanks to Trzesniewski, the egg salad sandwich store in Vienna. There at Trzesniewski, in the shadow of the Loos American Bar, you can share a table with a local, drink a tiny beer and eat teensy sandwiches that are as weird as they are tasty. When I got home from vacation the only thing I asked for for Christmas was a ricer. I used it today to make deviled eggs for the mama. Here you go.

The setup:

The squishing of the yolks with my ricer:

The smoked paprika from our trip to Budapest, with my favorite little spoon:

And we'll see how the mama likes these. The Tony The Tiger bowl is just to crack her up:

1 comment:

Richard P said...

They look delicious.

We got an egg decorating kit called "Mister Mustache" and hijinks ensued.

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