April 3, 2016

Donald Trump Pinata

All of the mama's hard work paid off, and she is coming home tomorrow. I am resting today, both in preparation and in recovery.

I thought I had the whole situation nailed after week one. One of our favorite caregivers came back to us after maternity leave, Mom's regular daytime caregiver introduced us to a friend of hers who is a sweetheart and has been a good fit. The agency provided some nice folks for weekend days...all I had to do was meet everybody, show them around the nursing facility and introduce them to Mom. 

Then our new mother found that her baby wouldn't take a bottle, so she had to quit. And was replaced by two separate people who I had to meet, show around, etc. And the agency sent both of them to the wrong address, so those were long nights for me. And after that week of adjustment, we're moving our base of operations back to the apartment and I have to go through the same process again with our 5 new caregivers because they haven't been to her place. Argh. After that everything should settle down?

mrguy and I went to the apartment yesterday to clean the fridge, install a commode and clean up the patio. While we were there, we saw this in a shop across the street:

Yes. A Donald Trump pinata, wearing a hat that has a Made In Mexico sticker.

So 2016

1 comment:

Richard P said...

That really is a very 2016 object. Let's hope it becomes obsolete soon thereafter.

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