May 29, 2016

A Day In The City

We did something unusual yesterday and invited friends out to see a reading of a play. The playwright is a high school friend, and the play was loosely based on her ancestor, a madam.

Had to check out my cactus collection on the way out of the house. The easter cactus, which was once a collection of sticks, has been blooming steadily for the last month.

On the way to the city we followed a grease trap service truck (from the old place) all the way over. On the way back, many hours later, we followed it again. Weird.

At the theater:

Over lunch we discussed the questionnaire and the pros and cons of the narration, part of which was in another language that only one of us at the table understood.

At home we watered plants and cars. I'm trying to make a planter box hedge of these geraniums that were a cutting from that nice guy's geranium, 20+ years ago. It's my favorite.

During dinner we had a cat eruption, with the oldest pooping and throwing up everywhere while I was preparing dinner. His decline is echoing my mom's, so I melted down. Then I washed his butt in the sink. Such a happy boy!

By evening's end we'd cheered on the local sports team and watched no fewer than three episodes of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, and all was well.

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