December 22, 2016

Last Day At Work

I left the factory extremely satisfied yesterday. I had finished making an illustrated directory for the wiki of our first 40 employees, when each left the company and what they'd been doing since. I wanted to keep tweaking this morning and then I got the call. Kinda like last week's calls from my mom ("Your brother is dying, and we have to go see him"), but from a reliable source this time. The Bro-ham is in the hospital, melanoma's in the brain and they don't expect he has long.

There are only so many times you can hear such a thing. I thought he had a reprieve. His PET scan from ten days ago showed no melanoma in his brain, or as he put it "Melanoma everywhere *but* my brain". I feel so bad for him. His kids are on the way up there and will give us the lowdown. My sister just touched down and will be at Mom's soon.

I was at a good stopping point, so I left work early. But not before watering Dave, my ficus.

Then I went to the gold place and got $90 for the charm that came with the chain I got at an auction. On the way back to my car I appreciated this:

Then I went to the German deli and got mrguy and I smoked turkey sandwiches. I am in love with this crown of weiners they have on display.

Then to the Japanese supermarket to buy comfort food: udon, edible chrysanthemum, tobiko, tofu puffs.

Then home, to wait it out. Who knows? Maybe he'll come home and do hospice. Or he'll leave us today, which he'd kinda predicted, because it's the anniversary of our dad's passing.

Poor bro. 

[A happy update: he had his meds tweaked, came home for Christmas, ate a fat pile of bacon and is taking it day by day. The future will look more like this (up and down, in and out of the ER) I imagine, as his disease progresses].

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