December 14, 2016

More Moments!

My bro saw a specialist on Thursday. He has more like a year. To a guy who was going to call Hospice on Monday, having a bunch more months to think about that seems like a great deal. We all agree.

Bigsis has a yearly tradition of cookie decorating with her granddaughters around the holidays, but she wasn't going to be home to host. She was with the mama and our bro, supporting everybody as we grappled with this horrible and then less horrible news. I suggested that we host cookie day at our house, because the kids live near us. So in the middle of all of this chaos we had a magical day.

Mom came over with her wonderful caregiver (who saved my bacon by bringing dozens of lumpia with her). The kids and their kids came and decorated cookies with the caregiver. Our awesome niece's family comes from the same province in the Philippines, so they talked about food for a while.

Nephew was suffering from a neck issue, so the mama gave him a massage. And she helped me finish trimming the tree. And I put on a bunch of awesome music (Jack Teagarden, the Talbot Brothers, random Mexican rock music from the 60's). The mama danced with me.

Oldest grandniece called it Mini Christmas. I have to agree that it was tremendous.

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