January 29, 2017

Drumsticks and Pepper Grinders

It was nice to get away from the horror of the new administration by going shopping. Today was the annual White Elephant sale, and I'd never been. Mrguy and I sallied forth at a reasonable pace, parked across the bridge from the event in order to avoid the madness and went in. We eventually went our own way, but it wasn't long before I found this:

A lifelong desire fulfilled. It was not cheap. People stopped me to say hi, to tell me how much it's really worth, to tell me about the volunteer (who I also met) who would have bought it at a cheaper price.

The line to buy my exterminator was half an hour long. While in line I found a pepper grinder made by Vic Firth, the drumstick maker, in a festive hot orange. I hear it has a fabuous grind.

Then we went for German food, and had spaetzle and red cabbage and grapefruit beer.

A huge nap followed, making up for a sleepless night.

UPDATE: Best pepper grinder ever. It has an amazing grind, doesn't leave a trail of pepper where it's sitting and the grind is adjustable. SCORE!

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