February 12, 2017


I grew up with flat feet, in a family of people with flat feet. Ten years of waiting tables in cement-floored restaurants contributed to my bunion situation, and I have been ok with that. 

My work now is a little more sedentary, except when I'm working in a museum. Then I'm on my feet all day and night. I cope by bringing a variety of shoes to keep my feet from being in one position for too long. Sometimes the best shoe is my tabi shoes, because it keeps my big toe in line, even thought it's basically like walking barefoot.

New, stabbing pain on the top of my foot took me to the podiatrist. I figured it was time for bunion surgery. Instead she fitted me for orthotics. I took pictures because the whole thing looked so weird.

This is the casting process. I never broke a bone as a child, so this is my first experience with plaster gauze:

And here is the casting. So deeply weird. I have the orthotics now. It's like walking on a rock. But I'll stick with it for a while.

52 days until our trip to Germany. Gotta get this foot thing under control!

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