February 25, 2017

A Break In The Rain

The last few weeks have been something. Rain. Rain. Rain. Discovering why the floorboards in the Lady Room closet were discolored when we bought the house (oh, it leaks in there). And some good stuff.

The Real Housewives and I got together in our home town. This is the first time I've been there with them since high school. The old place was looking pretty. I'd forgotten about all of the Art Deco buildings downtown. We ate lunch at the restaurant where we had our 50th birthdays. Completely delicious. Parking meters are freakishly cheap, but when you've got that much tax revenue, parking meters are probably there just to make sure people move their cars every once in a while.

At the factory, I discovered a new flavor of Torani syrup that is oddly compelling. I just open the bottle and smell it. Then I put it back. Also the head of our bigger company came to talk to us about things, which was super interesting and reassuring. He's the only person I've ever seen in person who had almost as much charisma as our former CEO.

Today there is a break in the rain. I'm going to the city to watch 8 hours of films about the Japanese Internment. They do this every year, but this year it seems like the important one, since our orange overlord probably considers incarcerating Americans as a viable option in the future.

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