February 25, 2017


Last Sunday mrguy and I had a few things we were interested in that were being sold at a local auction house. At the same time, we'd invited the mama and her caregiver over for lunch. Mrguy got the idea to put the live auction on the tv in the Kitchen-Den and we watched it while we ate.

There were several dozen lots of modern and contemporary art being sold, and you haven't lived until you’ve heard mom and her caregivers' responses to that art. They were hilarious. Of Frank Stella (a print that I *really* liked that a big black squarish object): "What’s that? What’s the thing for the barbecue? Coal? It’s coal. Mom and I are going to the store and get some coal for the barbecue and *BAM* seven thousand dollars!!"

Of a Wayne Thiebaud watermelon painting, starting price $70k: "Seventy thousand dollars? For a watermelon? Mom! Mom! We’re going to go get our watercolors and do a guava. Seventy FIVE thousand dollars." We all laughed so hard.

Meantime, Mom was describing how you could make hanging hardware that would let you hang a painting any way you want so if you get tired of looking at it one way you could rotate so you had another side hanging up. She should patent that.

Unbeknownst to them, mrguy and I were actually bidding on a few items, including one of their least favorite paintings, which I thought was beautiful. I am now the happy owner of a painting by an old neighbor of mine. From just the period I wanted. It was cheap.

And so fun. We will definitely do this again. The mama was very into it.

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