June 9, 2007


Last week I was in Edinburgh with Shee Jimmy for the deinstall of the company forklift exhibition. What follows is the blow-by-blow.

I love everything about flying but the flying part. Airplanes are cool and weird, airports are wonderful places to people watch. The views can be amazing. Virgin is lovely to fly on, especially when you're in Economy Plus. And then there are the one or two times during every flight when my strong preference is to be on the ground. But it was fun.
Shee Jimmy and I arrived at the hotel and decided we really had to keep moving and get some food. We ended up at the restaurant with the sulky bartender and settled in for a mixed plate of what-you-got and some pureed minestrone (a culinary first!).

Then we somehow kept walking around, hoping that if we stayed up until bedtime in Scotland we'd beat jet lag. It pretty much worked. We walked along the Leith, and up and around alleys, taking pictures. Edinburgh is a supermodel. No bad angles. So lovely. And a little offbeat.

Eventually we ended up at our home away from home, Indigo Yard. We planned our strategy for our free day (see the forklift exhibit. find the dog statue) and marveled at the hair straightening iron vending machine in the bathroom.

As we made our way back to the hotel, it was 10:30 and still light.

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