June 26, 2007

The Hair Blob

Rod Beck's sudden death is pretty shocking. He was my favorite pitcher when he was on The Sucky Team. I'll miss his intense gaze, the way he dangled his arm before a pitch and..the wild hair.

In the early 90's, there seemed to be a lot of amazing pitchers with holdover hair from the 1980's. Dennis Eckersley, Rod Beck, and Juan Guzman are three that come to mind. O.K., and Randy Johnson. Once you saw it, you started seeing it everywhere.

I called their "do" "the hair blob." Each of these pitchers had their own personal hair blob style, but the basic look was a big old patch of hair pooching out below their cap. A hair blob isn't just long hair. It has volume, as well. Eckersly's was stringy, Beck's was puffy, and Guzman's was emproducted. People used to ask me: it's the 90's and your baseball crush is still wearing jeri curls. How can you think he's cute? I guess the answer is: have you looked at him and watched him pitch? He's fine, and he's fierce.

I'm not that tuned into baseball these days, but it seems like there might not be as many good hair blobs around as there used to be.

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