November 15, 2007

Las Vegas Day 2b

Also on my hit list was the Neon Boneyard, and in this case it was a two-fer. The added bonus was seeing architecture by Paul R. Williams, whose La Concha Motel shell is being transformed into a signature entryway for the Neon Museum.

The tour of the boneyard was tremendous. My knowledge of neon or particular signs is sparse, but I was drunk with the visuals. My only wish was to touch the Sands sign (what with me loving Sammy Davis Jr. so much and all), but I kept my paws to myself. They only have a teensy bit of the sign.

The Boneyard turns out to have been close to the Ukulele Lounge, which I'd wanted to see. It is now closed. My new hat-loving friend at the 7-11 said that it had nothing to do with Ukuleles or Hawaiiana at the time of its closing, so we had no regrets.

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