November 15, 2007

Las Vegas Day 2c

The Antique Mall of America was on our mind, so we headed south.

I've never been to an antique mall that has a food concession, but if shopping for decoupaged Poker Dog puzzles in a mist of friend chicken grease is your thing, man this is the place for you.

Then we called Auntie Style, our ukulele buddy who happened to be in town, and drove to her place in Henderson. At the very moment we should all be in uke class, we were drinking Kona Longboard lager with Auntie and her husband and talking about Hawaii.

Ms Scandiwaiian is the ultimate shopper. I had no idea until we went on this trip. She also has an undiminishing supply of good humor and energy. I tried not to go slack-jawed when at 7:30, after a day of two museums, and an evening visit with a friend, she suggested that we go to one last Savers on the far end of the strip. But we did, and landed in Asian strip mall nirvana. Next time I'm going there first.

At the Savers, she found me yet another Ui Makai aloha shirt. This made two! And we witnessed an argumentative shoplifter causing a scene, and tried to leave before weapons were drawn. Japanese dinner across the street was authentic and delicious.

Then back to Mandalay bay to play penny slots.

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