November 15, 2007

Las Vegas, Day 2d and 3

Then we went back to TI and found my true love, Hot Flashes.

This game is stupid and absurd, a romance novel in a slot. with cartoon brunette Fabio who says "My name is Maximus. Gluteus Maximus", and a woman who says "Uncle Ray, the love of my life is no more!" No deaths occur in Hot Flashes. Is Uncle Ray the love of her life? Eew.

We became addicted to this slot, both playing one machine. Ms S went to get some more money to throw down the hole, and just as she did I got a jackpot, with crazy video (ladies on swings, bubble bath flowing over the screen, more nattering characters).

The next morning, with a few hours to go before our flight, we went downstairs, had a breakfast gin & tonic (a first!) and resumed play. We got S's wish for three doghouses, and an animated Chippendale guy became the game piece on a board game that played out before us. Had this slot been gender-reverse, we would have set it on fire, but somehow it seemed funny.

We resisted the TI lady's suggestion that we get on the machine and dance.

So ends the story of Las Vegas.

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