July 31, 2008

Date With A Genius

It started with a sticky spacebar. It led to an order of sweet potato fries and a Kona Longboard...

I'm a lucky girl. At work my computer needs are supported by former geniuses. At home I've got mrguygenius. But when it comes to hardware issues I'm in the hands of Steve, The Creator. So I made a date with a Mac Genius.

He was patient. He was gentle. He told me he had secret codes that would help me get my unsightliness repaired also. It was awesome. It helped heal the hole in my heart where my laptop had been.

And then my repair was complete and it came the time to pay.


I waited. And they located my machine. And the guy in front of me had entertaining but manager-requiring issues. And somewhere during the waiting I realized that the entire store's allotment of orange and blue-shirted people were behind the only cash register that could complete my transaction, discussing some other gnarly transaction.

At some point an orange person offered me a stool. At some point I realized that the crush of Apple Store employees had dwindled to two people, one cash register, four one-foot-long receipts and a lot of talking.

The glow of the past week's genius bar date was dimming. I realized that even when they cleared up the immediate roadblock, there was the guy with the problem ahead of me.

So I hightailed it out of there and came to the Pachyderm Paradise, where I wrote this.

I'm going back.

Wish me luck.

They were kind, they rung me up wrong and for that reason did not charge me.

My laptop is much better...

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