July 10, 2008

The Walkability Scores Are In!

Our corner of the City of Pride and Purpose has a walkability score of 48 out of 100.

This means that we're not very walkable, and even less so if you consider the hilly terrain.

Do I care? Not particularly. I was raised to drive everywhere. And I'm endlessly entertained by the way the scores are tabulated.

Yes, it is true, there is a coffee house / roastery nearby. But if by clothing you mean the Red Wing shoe store and by school you mean a high school alumni association and by book store you mean a book bindery, sure we have a score of 48 ;)

I am going to call the book bindery tomorrow to find out how I can give them some business. I would not have known about them had the vanity of needing to know our neighborhood's walkability score had not overtaken me.


Some good did come of this.


1 comment:

K Ripley said...

Ahhhh. Another benefit - Finding business neighbors I did not know about.

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