July 2, 2008


I promised more stories of cars, didn't I?

Car #2 was Roy, a 1968 VW Super Beetle. The original owner was a friend of my mom's. I renamed the car after her father who, like my grandfather, had worked in the automobile business. The original Roy had been a real pistol. I hoped the name would bring us luck.

I loved Thelma, but Roy really felt like he was mine. Compared to Thelma, he was anonymous and quite dainty, both attributes I liked. His trunk was large enough for little else besides the inflatable wading pool I kept in it. Impromptu pool parties were possible when I was driving Roy.

One day, after moving to the not-so-big city, I went out for a slice of pizza. On the way home I heard Al Green's "Love and Happiness" for the first time. As I rounded the corner, four guys in a much heavier car t-boned me. Roy was totaled. I was not.

Enter Maceo.

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