May 15, 2009


The grand mammoo came over for Mother's Day. Mrguy made the best sweet potato silver dollar pancakes ever. And when thanked for her mothering, mom replied "As I recall, the whole process was very nice."

If you've ever wondered how I got my sense of humor, look no further.

Monday was the uke band potluck and MC mrsguy was in the house. Pictured: cocktail weenies, deep fried smelt, crab rangoon, egg rolls, baked ziti, taco casserole, salmon, inari sushi. Not pictured: turron. Yum!!

I attempted to create a run on the fried smelts, as I did on the spicy meatballs that one time, but nobody was biting.

We entertained one another and then came together to play old favorites and Auntie Spunky's cowboy songs until past my bedtime.

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