May 31, 2009

LA Day 3

Partially revived, I felt good enough to see the world. We went to the Huntington botanical garden. What an awesome choice. It was perfect weather to be outside and the season was right, too. Roses, jacaranda, some rhododendrons and various kinds of jasmine were all in bloom. I took pictures of pretty things.

Yes, it was Memorial Day and there were lots of fellow travelers. With so much loveliness in front of us it was easy to tune them out.

The madness in the new cafe in the Chinese gardens? Not so much. Avoid at all costs.

After the Huntington, we were off to Japantown.
Aside from signage, my favorite thing there has to be the historical references that the city has embedded into the sidewalks in front of the storefronts.

We bought some beautiful mochi.
This storefront offered elaborate warnings for loiterers:
Having sated ourselves with supermarkets and bookstores, we went home to eat more mac and cheese and play ukulele.

So ends Los Angeles.

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