May 24, 2009

Revenge of the Ostrich

What happens when you mix Donettes, ostrich and a cherimoya smoothie?

You get to spend the next day in bed writing your blog.

Oh, but what a good time we had.

I sat in this:

and then I ate this:


We bought this:

which means I can upgrade from sitting at mrguy's college drafting table. We went to Skankworld and then came home to recharge and play ukulele and look stuff up on the Intertubes.

Then to Alhambra to eat Cherimoya smoothies and whatever goes with them. In my case, this was shrimp paste and spring rolls with fried garlic.

I do not wonder at my current state, and there are worse things in the world than being confined to my vacation bed in the deep quiet of Mt. Washington.

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