March 14, 2010

Deinstall, Day 3

I won't really discuss work, other than to say it was going smoothly.

We went to a nearby restaurant for lunch, and tried many things. These hard-boiled eggs appeared brown on the outside, but the whites were translucent and brown and the yolk was creamy and sticky. There wasn't much to it, so I moved on.

This deep-fried flaky bread was very tasty, and topped with the ubiquitous five-spice and sesame seeds.

My vegetarian roll was made with the flaky bread, and filled with pea sprouts and other tasty greens. If only it hadn't included mayonnaise it would have been perfect.

We were all ahead of schedule, so we knocked off early. Blondie and I decided to go to the sparkly mall for shopping and dinner. The night before, I had done some research and discovered that my little friend from Family Mart was a Lunar New Year promotion with Sonny Angel. On this evening, at the sparkly mall, I found some more kewpies and had to buy them. I now have a baby wearing a corn hat from the Sonny Angel Vegetable Series.

We found our dinner in the mall's supermarket. And dessert at the ice cream store. I had two flavors: yakult (yogurt) and rose grapefruit. Then off to bed.

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Linda said...

That egg is a "thousand-year-old egg" and my wife says it is delicious. It's not hard-boiled - I'm not sure exactly how it is made.

I miss ukulele and Lane Splitter. Hopefully, I'll be back soon.


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