March 15, 2010

Deinstall, Day 4

Thursday we wrapped up in the morning and went out for lunch at a place that makes local Taiwanese cuisine. The noodles were flavored with radish tops, and the sauce was sesame paste, soy and ginger. I will be making this for mrguy soon.

After work we decided to have a drink at the tallest building in Kaohsiung

First you buy a ticket to go to the 75th floor observatory. You really can see very far from up there.

The observatory itself is unconventional: a gallery filled with museum cases exhibiting things (jade sculptures, crafts) that can be purchased. And there are large photos everywhere of things that you could see really well if you were on the ground. That was hilarious.

When we found the bar it was pitch dark, in order to make the city lights more vibrant.

They hand you a flashlight with your menu. I happened to have one from the Hawaiian Electric Company, so this was my view:

The drinks were large and strong. My blue lagoon was very blue.

Family Mart provided dinner that evening...

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