March 8, 2010

Deinstall, Day 1

We got to the hotel bright and early for the deinstall of the forklift show in Kaohsiung. People sure like forklifts.

Our other colleagues for the deinstall won’t arrive until late tonight, so I am playing tour guide. So far so good. I got us to the museum of forklifts, then to a yummy cafe, where it seemed like all of our food involved tea, including the gelatin.

We visited the museum on the last day of the exhibition. Visitors were four-deep looking at the forklifts. It was an amazing site to see.

After we got back to the hotel we went on a long walk toward the night market, stopping at the beautiful temple around the corner. The man who is the caretaker (?) encouraged us to come in, and kept revealing additional rooms to us as we climbed higher and higher.

Then we shopped for athletic shoes, and popped in at the Macanna store. I now look like I'm auditioning for clown college.

We stopped for a beer at the Blue Muse on the way back in. The ladies remember us and still insist that we say "bow mi wha", which I hope means what they say it is and not something else.

And that's how the day ended.

1 comment:

Smitty Davo said...

Bow Me Wha = POPCORN!!!

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