August 9, 2010

Balderdashia 2010

It's been a slow week, Balderdash-wise. These were the finest from Game 1:

  1. Before fox hunting, the thrunter moves through the course, trimming low-hanging boughs
  2. The person who was sent to gather hunted game, before the use of dogs as hunting companions
  3. In drag car racing, the official who signals the start of the race
  4. A three-year-old female sheep
  5. Slang term for a disruptive rugby fan
Laughter in Paradise:
  1. Two former marines open a nightclub in Hawaii
  2. Two brothers open a comedy club in the Bahamas, but no one's laughing when they get caught up in a gun smuggling ring
  3. Set in a Costa Rican mental asylum, this is the story of two sisters who become trapped living among the insane because of a cholera outbreak, and the joy that carried them through
  4. A grumpy accountant in Paradise, Pennsylvania, has a change of heart after he adopts a scruffy mutt
  5. A practical joker dies, leaving his fortune to his relatives, but only if they will perform certain oddball stunts
  1. A heavily calcified mollusk closely resembling a limpet found only in South American waters
  2. A type of mineral that forms lemon yellow crystals
  3. Crystalline structures that form along the walls of coal mines
  4. A kind of asteroid made of iron and mica, discovered by Russian geologist Stanislas Sklodowsky in 1909
  5. A resident of Sklodowsk

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