August 14, 2010

Cat Rescue Dogma

Oh cat rescuers.

After the sudden loss of Paws, we're still very tender. Eyes is stressed out and lonely, even though she has her brother for company. While we were on family vacation this past week, I started looking at cat rescue.

The local cat do-gooder calls herself "holistic". She has a beautiful little kitten that reminds me of Paws. I sent her a query and she sent me an application form that asked, among other things, my net income, how often I travel and where my cats sleep.

I sent her some info about us instead. She said ..."these cats must be allowed freedom to be in nature.." Instead of finding a home with loving owners this weekend, she'll chase bugs and get older and less adoptable. Sorry kitty.

I am weary of people's dogma. Dogma about the Hawaiian band, how a person should be on vacation and how domestic cats should live in the wilds of suburbia. Are personal rules more important than the overall goals of what you're doing?

Think about it, people.

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