August 31, 2010

'Slagapaloo 2

Good gravy, what a week.

There are so many projects requiring the resources of the historical collection that my colleague and I are worn out.

Last week I hosted the founding archivist from our parent company. This was followed by what I'll call Parent Company Bowl, in which members of various divisions of our company answered trivia questions about the parent company. This was also judged by my guest.

That was Wednesday. Friday was 'Slagapaloo 2.

The ladies of Three Letters, who I should call Six Letters now because we changed our name, rocked mightily. One of my songs had completely inscrutable lyrics that defied me until the very last minute, but I whipped it together for the performance. People ate it up. We had a security detail who printed out badges declaring themselves our bodyguards. Guys mock rushed the stage to give them something to do. Compliments have poured in and the 'ohana (minus one) was right there smiling. Except mrguy, who was concentrating so hard that he had absolutely no expression on his face. He was amazed.

Then on Sunday I got to be amazed by him at his gig. Wouldn't you know that one of the registrars for the local incarnation of the forklift exhibition is a fan of his band?

Go figure.

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