April 8, 2012

Hawaii 2012, Day 5

We took it easy for the rest of our vacation. It was quite a while before we recovered from the excitement of poistravaganza 2012.

The next day we got up a little late, ate some breakfast and went to Jelly's to shop for records. Who did we see but our friend from the other night. They'd already started working through my list and had gone to La Mariana Sailing Club the night before. They were also planning to join us that evening at Waipuna. I left the menfolk talking about the best equipment for digitizing LPs, and went back to my local record hunting.

Later we ate lunch at Kaka'ako Kitchen. Their really weird veggie burgers are oddly comforting. I haven't the faintest idea what's in them, but they're groovy.

Then I bought a pohaku. I now have the means to make my poi!

Rest, then on to Waipuna. It was their last gig at the Ilikai Bar and Grill, which has now closed (again). Waipuna never disappoints. Unlike a lot of other bands we tend to hear playing Hawaiian music, they have energy. And Kale likes to talk story, which helps give audiences a deeper appreciation for the music. They are definitely my fave band playing today.

Our new friends from St. Louis came to share our table. They were suitably impressed. They gave us a recommendation of their own, which was that we should try the Guy Tai at Chart House. It's right next door to the Ilikai. I'm surprised we'd never been there.

The next day, we did.

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