April 8, 2012

Hawaii 2012, Day 6

Our last day. We visited the farmer's daughter at her workplace. She and I want to find a project together, so it was a little work, a little play.

We spent the afternoon going to the Spalding House Museum. There's a really weird Hockney installation there that we enjoyed -- all black light and choir music. After that we enjoyed a new installation in the garden, which was as if Christo's The Gates was made out of neon-colored inflatable pool rafts. Somewhere after walking through it, mrguy started getting a migraine. This happened once while he was viewing a Chuck Close painting. So we headed down the hill.

Recovery was quick and we went in search of the Guy Tai. The Chart House is a cool throwback to the 1970s. I definitely want to go there for dinner some night.  Lots of wood sculptures. Very old school. The bar faces the water, which is both cool and blinding. 

There were musicians playing, but they played along to recorded tracks. Somehow they seem to have a coterie of elderly female followers. Very sweet. On to the Halekulani.

It started to pour and I was not in the mood. Outside the Ilikai we grabbed a cab and were at the Halekulani in what felt like seconds. The rain had cleared the tourists out of the outdoors area and we got the best seats we'd ever had there. Sadly, this was the worst band we've seen there. They mumbled and had zero energy. The lovely Kanoe Miller, however, was fabulous as always.

Matsugen was fine. It doesn't have that spark it had when it first opened, so I might not need to go back. But the bowl was pretty tasty.

There you go. That's our last night in Hawaii.

A hui hou.

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