April 14, 2012

Sweating To The Oldies 3

While going through old department files the other day I came across a dvd of American Idol from 2005 and a VHS of Sweating To The Oldies 3 in a box of materials set aside by a former teammate.

You read this and you know who you are :)

It was the gift that kept giving. I gave it to another archivist who I was sure would find them funny. The American Idol dvd is notable because it plays an electronic version of the theme LOUDLY when you open the cover. The real prize was Sweating To The Oldies 3. We decided we should have a STTO break in the afternoon.

Around 4:30 we rolled our crash cart over to a conference room, popped in the tape and started moving. It was better than could be imagined. It takes place in a fat-free amusement park called Sweating Town. His shorts are short and his t-shirt is long, and people of all sizes move to the groove.

We laughed our butts off, and I sweated mightily.

We will do this again.

Thank you, archivist of the past!

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