March 10, 2013

Hometown Maki

Yesterday was Grandmamoo Guy Tax Day, a yearly celebration in which BigSis and I do Mom's taxes. Mom starts agitating about it around Christmas, and somewhere around the first of the year, BigSis and I plan both a birthday celebration for Mom, and set the day for Tax Day.

Yesterday morning, somewhere in the middle of my bath, I heard the doorbell ring. The Jehovahs knock, so I was a bit perplexed. mrguy got out of bed, answered the door and then went back to bed. "Who was there?" I called out over the bathwater. "It's me," said BigSis. Unexpectedly, she'd come to pick me up.

We tootled off to Mom's, did the taxes with only a few emails to our accountant and midday calls to MiddleSis. Then we went to Mom's favorite Japanese restaurant for dinner. Oh darn :)

Which brings me to the subject of hometown maki. Many years ago mrguy and I were at a Japanese restaurant in Seattle with friends. There was a Seattle Roll on the menu, which I imagine featured salmon. Then we started discussing hometown maki with key local ingredients: there's a Philadelphia Roll (cream cheese), New Orleans Roll (crawdads), California Roll (avocado). Wherever you are, the local Japanese restaurant has a roll with that name. Rochester Roll, anyone? And exactly what would be in that, anyway? Our Seattle friend, born in Rochester, replied "Creamed corn and keep the incest down".

I don't know what our local ingredient would be. Crab? My hometown is on the water. Anyway, when I saw the name of my hometown on the menu I got really excited and ordered it. This restaurant's vision of my town was crispy, cool ocean and citrus: asparagus tempura, avocado, salmon, lemon. This was the best fancy roll I have ever eaten (not that the guy family eats fancy very often). Wow. 

It made me wonder what other restaurants thought was an appropriate roll for my hometown. Here's what I found:

1) tuna, salmon & hamachi deep - fried rolled in soy bean paper
2) cucumber, real crab meat, unagi & tobiko wrapped w/ sliced cucumber
3) shrimp tempura, crab, avocado
4) shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado and crab

I'm going to stick with my original hometown maki. 

Can't wait to have it again.

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