March 1, 2013

Lava Rock Supreme pt. 1

Oh Lava Rock Supreme.

Today is your last day on Earth.

I can't believe that I never wrote about this place, but then it predated the Observatory...

We'd just bought our house, and started to explore the neighborhood. The closest restaurant to the house was this awesome-looking Mexican restaurant with excellent signage and an edifice completely covered in lava rock boulders. "Gotta go there soon, before it's gone," we said. And we did.

I believe we went on a weeknight, but it wouldn't have mattered. The vast parking lot was always virtually empty. We walked in, past some wrought iron decorations, and into a big dining room. In its day it must have been swinging. The dining room had a giant iron chandelier that looked like it could easily deliver death in an earthquake, and there was a second tier of banquettes that must have been where the fancy people once sat.

Our waitress wore her hair in a beehive, and seemed to have committed herself to going down with the ship. This would be her last job. She patiently served the couple in the booth next to us. He was hard of hearing and she was hard of seeing, and the dining experience wasn't going well. Because there wasn't music or any other ambient noise, the only thing we could hear was their arguments, and the beeping of the microwave in the kitchen.

"This is so bleak!" mrguy said to me. Indeed. Our dinner came out piping hot, and when the waitress warned us not to touch the plates, I looked over to see that the filthy potholders she was using were encrusted with very old refried bean crust. Wowza. We didn't go back.

For a really good time, please read Dr. Biggles' review of his dinner in the bar area.

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