March 2, 2013

Lava Rock Supreme, pt. 3

I checked my voicemail all day yesterday. Nothing. And when I had to venture out to the store to buy tp, I swung by Lava Rock Supreme. The two decorated walls were still up.

This morning I slept in until 11. I'm still achy and weak, but I put on some clothes and went down to the demo site. The stars that I have so badly wanted since I first saw the building lay crushed in the lava debris.

Just as I arrived, my buddy the crane operator spun around and bit the exterior wall with the claw. I watched as one of the sunbursts popped off the wall and into shards as the wall flexed. Then a large triangle of the rock wall flopped over onto our side. Neighbors stopped to take pictures. A bigger chunk, containing most of the lettering, also fell to the dust. The claw seemed to work around the lettering, but then other material fell onto it, destroying it.


I saw some of his tank treads run over the beautiful orange of the lettering, and then had to leave. It was too sad.

Maybe he'll save me the sign?

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