May 25, 2013

Before and After

I could not be happier. It's a beautiful day -- the first day of Memorial Day weekend. I thought we'd start on a high note and go to an estate sale. Turns out it was on the same block as Malibu red's house. Who knew?

It was a trip. Obviously the home of an original hippie. And completely filthy, like a chicken coop. There was old rusted weird stuff everywhere, dust, cobwebs...grains and coffee beans were strewn around the bedrooms and it somehow did not smell like old dead people.

I felt sorry for the young hipsters running the sale, so I was desperate to find something to buy. I almost bought a Congressional Yearbook from 1970 whose cover decried how humans had finally become masters of the Earth just in time to kill it. Inside were reports about all of the regulatory agencies put in place to safeguard the planet. Remember those? Don't get me started. 

So I put it down and looked for something else. In the side yard I found this perfume bottle. Tried to pay for it but he gave it to me:

It's very pretty and the perfume, I discovered, smells delicious. On further examination I learned that the stopper and bottom are signed. It's Baccarat crystal. I am hoping for a small windfall when I sell it.

Nice start to the weekend.

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