May 5, 2013

Norway Day 2013

Tis the season! The first week of May marks Norway Day, a cultural event that bigsis and I really enjoy. This year was especially fine.

We missed the opening ceremonies, in which a Norwegian choir dressed just like our dad (grey hair, grey slacks, navy jacket and a sweater vest) sings the national anthem. It's like Mr. Smith from The Matrix -- Norwegian Dad clones.

The first musical act was Ann Marit, whose music was lovely and un-embellished. Her voice reminds me a bit of Louise Hoffsten's on her record, Kära Du. I will definitely be checking her out.

The food demonstration made us want to make lefse. Bigsis wondered if our grandmother had made lefse at home. I reminded her that she was supposed to have been a terrible cook. But maybe that was just her biscuits. I saw a lefse grill in Skymall this month - maybe I'll buy one.

We bought our raffle tickets, had some lefse-wrapped hot dogs with crispy onions and mustard, and visited the Heidrun Meadery booth ("from flower to flute," says their motto). For dessert, a little orange-flavored cod liver oil at the Nordic Naturals booth, and some amazing local marzipan.

And finally, what Norway Day would be complete without a snap of something that says "Uff Da!"? Thankfully, in this part of the country Norway Day is a slightly less cheesy, but a little bit is kinda fun:

Crossing my fingers for those raffle tickets...

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