May 5, 2013

Bucket List Addition

I should have put this on my bucket list: I've always wanted to play music at a retirement home.

Soon I will get my wish. Our Hawaiian band is rehearsing for a ho'ike in June, and someone had the brilliant idea of rehearsing at a retirement home.

I'll get my retirement home gig, and the residents will get to see the dancers do their thing. Their payment? Repeat performances and having to witness Kumu No'filter dress us down "Use your PO'O!!" "I can see your underwear!!" "Did I tell you to start playing?"

She's not as intimidating as James Brown, but I have to admit that the first couple of times she corrected me I didn't recognize that her comments were directed at me because it's been a verrrry long time since anyone has spoken to me in that tone of voice. Ouch, Lady.

Anyhoo, we're going to play at the ho'ike, which will be fun, and we love the ladies of the halau, and Kumu No'filter has good taste in music, so we're learning some new Tahitian songs.

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