June 8, 2013

Live a Little

Today's the day: I am finally going to get rid of that box of budget toothpicks that has been bothering me for many years.

It came from mrguy's recording studio where, presumably, they had a need for toothpicks so weak that they would splinter on contact with your mouth, injuring your gums. From there, they made it to the guy home.

When you turn 50, you can start having conversations with yourself like: "How many of 'x' will I need for the rest of my days?" In the case of Richwood brand flat toothpicks I was either going to have to step up my use or settle for the fact that I was going to die without ever having a decent toothpick in my house.

Why not just throw them out? It seemed wasteful. I am the child of depression-era parents, and I have at various points in my life been very broke. Something about the near-treenesss of the wood commanded respect. But they're so janky! There's the rub.

Today at the fish market some Japanese toothpicks sang their siren call to me. Cylindrical, with cute little ends. I had to do it. I'm moving on, Richwood brand toothpicks. Not sure what will happen to you (recycling seems respectful) but I can't live into old age with a substandard toothpick.

Having ranted a bit, I looked up the name of the manufacturer, Strong Wood Products, Inc. Despite my complaints, these toothpicks were made by proud people

I applaud their work ethic and wish it had shone in this particular box of their product.

Onward to a life of unsplintered toothpicks! May my people inherit them, as necessary.

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