June 8, 2013

New Character Enters Play

Just as I was writing about the Free Leonard Guy, a new sign appeared. It didn't have the earmarks of FL guy (crazy penmanship, red lettering on white background). The new guy uses a blue background, has neat handwriting and aims to confuse.

The first sign of his I saw was on a telephone pole on a nearby frontage road. I never managed to photograph it before it disappeared. His second, captured today, is an homage to the Burma Shave signs of ages past:

Yup. Miles to go before I sleep. Free yourself.

He's been busy on the freeway, as well. It took a few weeks before I was finally stuck in traffic next to his latest declaration: Slay the Summer Serpent.

The serpent looks like a banana slug with a panda head, eating a small seahorse.

What does it all mean?

Is he a she?

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