June 29, 2013

Sunset View

Last week we had a road trip! Our band played with the halau at a retirement community in the wine country. First we stopped for lunch at a very chill place. I thought I was so smart in having a horchata before singing, because it's dairy free. 

 Then I remembered I'd ordered a big old cheesy burrito. Holy cow.

On the way to the venue from the burrito place, we saw a community called Sunset View. It was hilly, and I bet you can see the sunset from Sunset View, but to me that name says "I can see Death from here."

Anyhoo, I thought the community where we were playing would be funky. Instead, it was unbelievably posh. Lakeside views, fountains, fancy architecture, "cookie time", and almost everyone wore Aloha attire. They were *so nice*.

Despite light amplification, the acoustics were great, and we were really happy with our performance. We were also very proud of the halau. Those guys are so sweet. 

The community wants us to come back, and we met someone whose friend is having a Hawaiian-themed wedding and is looking for a Hawaiian band, so business cards were utilized. 

We met some interesting people there, as well, including a woman who had hopped a freighter to Tahiti and lived there for a year in 1953, and a kumu hula from Fiji, who had nice things to say about our band.

Then we stopped for dinner with old friends. Missed the traffic home, and got to gape at the Super Moon on the ride back.

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