September 14, 2013

A Happy Transformation

Readers of mrsguy may recall that our former Albertsons was blighted for many years, and that I kinda liked the blight sometimes.

Recently, our two defunct supermarkets were transformed into a 24 Hour Fitness and a Canned Food Warehouse. They can call it Grocery Outlet, but they're not fooling me. Anyway I loooove the Canned Food warehouse and having one in the neighborhood pleases me to no end. I feel like I'm going back to my roots!

Back when I was broke, but before I was poor, I went to the Canned Food Warehouse in the city all the time. It was partly functional, since I needed groceries and hated regular supermarkets. But the entertainment value of the items I brought home was off the charts. Here are a few of CFW's greatest hits:

1) Meeter's Kraut Juice. The label is so beautiful that I bought dozens of cans and placed them on top of my kitchen cabinets as decorations
  2) HammerMan toothpaste. Because nothing says Hammer Time like grape or blueberry scented breath. This became a centerpiece of my toothpaste collection.

3) Canned lasagne puree

4) Dear Lady! brand pitted cherries. The label featured a little cartoon man holding up a sign that said Dear Lady! I later tried to buy more to use as vases for a friend's wedding reception and ended up having a complete adventure, talking to the folks at SnoKist Growers in Yakima Washington and getting a set of their other labels, instead. The tables looked great, but the marriage didn't last.

This week it was the first time I'd set foot in the CFW in years. It did not disappoint, except that it was kinda upscale. I prefer a grittier experience, but it was really nice. I even got totally bourgeois kombucha for a buck a can. Plus, I don't know if you've noticed that Cheez-Its are a complete rip-off these days and I got a full-sized box of Spiderman Cheez-Its for $1.69.

People, it does not get old. Even if I won the lotto I would not turn my back on CFW. 

It's the best.

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