September 30, 2013

Further Adventures In Househunting

Oh the roller coaster that is house hunting!

We actually put an offer on a house last week, but were outbid. I really liked the house, so I've been trying not to be too bummed about it. We forge ahead, right?

Just to raise my spirits, I asked our agent if we could go see a house that had initially piqued my interest in looking for a new house. We hadn't looked at it before because it was occupied, possibly in a slide zone and because the place we eventually bid on was so much nicer.

The first three rooms were great -- sunken livingroom, groovy entry, floating fireplace, nice dining area. But to get to the dining area you had to walk past a laundry drying rack sporting a jaunty array of ladies g-strings, which were airing brightly in the sun. Whee!

Every bedroom had a shrine and special talismans and in the bathroom there was a laminated card taped to the wall over the toilet paper dispenser as a reminder to give "the bodily impure fluids" to the hungry ghosts. Different incantations for donations of spittle, mucus, feces, urine and "general impurities" were listed.

That was a first.

Anyway, the slide zone location was all too apparent. The floors were all a bit wobbly. And as I'd noticed on Google Earth, the neighbors had a batting cage right on the property line (as you do).

We continued the search yesterday, just to refine our likes and dislikes. Despite the disappointment in not getting the first place, I was buoyed by the fact that we really aren't stuck on one style of house. We looked at a contemporary house in the woods, a mod house that sat cockeyed on its lot in a very beachy vibe, and a house with a pushy listing agent who scared us off. All of them had some appealing elements. I know we're going to end up with a place we like at some point.

Again, we forge ahead.

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