September 18, 2013

Moving On

I love my little house. The kitchen is sweet, and just to my taste. The bathroom, too.

But there isn't enough room for mrguy and I to do the things we want to do. At least not at the same time. I'm not fed up or unhappy, but about a week ago I got serious about acknowledging that it's time to look for a new place.

This is what I want:

1) A lady room for beads, my Etsy store, my genealogy files and as much Chinoiserie as I can possibly acquire
2) A place where I can have my bass out all the time
3) Enough room so that my ukuleles don't have to share the credenza with my socks
4) A room where I can sing without feeling like I'm disturbing someone
5) Storage that doesn't involve the hallway
6) A view of something
7) An extra room where visitors can stay over comfortably. That should be top of the list, actually
8) More walls for more art
9) A place to exercise that isn't in the middle of the house
10) A place where I can watch tv without disturbing mrguy
11) A room where we can access our vinyl easily

Some, if not many of these spaces can be the same space. I can do without all of it. I can even live in less space than I have, but for right now I believe that more space will lead to a happier life. We can always downsize.

We looked at a house together yesterday. It has all of the above, plus a room to put the cat box in, and a laundry room. And two decks. We will put a bid in on it, but I'm pretty sure that it will go to someone else. And if it does, that's o.k. Our trusty agent knows what we're looking for and thinks that there is more coming on the market soon, possibly in the off-season. We love to shop in the off season.

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