December 25, 2013

Merry Xmas 2013

No blood was shed.

No hospitals were visited.

No arguments were started.

Plus lots of love, lots of salmon, and mrguy's grill made its first journey to the suburbs.

That was Christmas #1. Toward the end of Christmas breakfast, someone mistook an innocuous phrase like "meat loaf" for something more like "breast milk," causing our youngest neph to exclaim "Nobody here understands anybody else."

A few hours' drive later, the tiny Mamoo was our host for Xmas #2. Mrguy made some tasty morsels and we watched an old movie together. Mamoo used to be an usherette when she was a teen, and remembers watching Bwana Devils in 3d. We think we've found our new holiday tradition. Watching a movie was genius.

Back at home with the kitties, our work is done. What a Christmassy day :)

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